Avoid Paper Jams with ECC+ (Electronic Capacity Control) Shredding Technology!

Posted by Deby Bickford on July 2, 2024

Image of the ECC+ (Electronic Capacity Control) technology on the Destroyit 4003 Centralized shredder

Say Goodbye to Frustrating Paper Jams!
Paper jams can be one of the most annoying disruptions in your workflow.
But with ECC+ (Electronic Capacity Control) technology, you can shred with confidence and efficiency.
This revolutionary feature takes the guesswork out of shredding by continuously monitoring the number of sheets being processed.

What is ECC+ Technology?

ECC+ is designed to provide real-time feedback on the shredder’s current load.
This advanced system ensures that the shredder operates within its optimal capacity, preventing overfeeding that typically leads to paper jams.

How Does ECC+ Work?

Continuous Monitoring: ECC+ technology constantly checks the number of sheets being fed into the shredder.
Real-Time Feedback: It alerts you instantly if you’re approaching the shredder’s maximum capacity, allowing you to adjust accordingly.
Smooth Operation: By maintaining optimal shredding conditions, ECC+ minimizes interruptions, keeping your shredder running smoothly.

Benefits of ECC+ Technology

Enhanced Productivity: Spend less time dealing with paper jams and more time getting your work done.
ECC+ technology ensures a hassle-free shredding experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
Increased Efficiency: With real-time feedback, you can shred documents faster and more efficiently, without constantly stopping to clear jams.
Longer Shredder Lifespan: By avoiding jams, ECC+ reduces wear and tear on your shredder, extending its lifespan and maintaining its performance.

ECC+ technology not only saves time but also enhances overall efficiency by allowing you to shred more documents in less time. It’s an ideal solution for busy offices where productivity is paramount.

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