A revolutionary tool to create and cut documents with ease on select Triumph cutters.


VRCut is a groundbreaking PC software solution designed to automate the cutting workflow by promoting an efficient and error-free cutting process from start to finish. VRCut intelligently bridges the gap between pre-press and the finishing process, allowing operators of any experience level the ability to cut with confidence on select Triumph Cutters.

The VRCut solution consists of two independent modules that work together. The Impose module creates PDF documents formatted specifically to work with the VRCUT Controller module. The Controller module connects directly to the Triumph Cutter moving the back gauge and visually guiding operators through the cutting sequence.



The VRCut Impose module is a standalone PC imposition software that transforms your artwork into PDFs laid out specifically for optimized cutting on the VRCut enabled Triumph guillotine. The software places a template barcode and innovative visual markers that enable an automated cutting process. Consolidate your workflows by taking advantage of the software’s data merge feature.


The VRCut PC Controller module connects directly to your Triumph Cutter for automatic back gauge movement and provides a step-by-step visual interface. The operator simply scans the document barcode to load the corresponding template and artwork to start the job. The software gives the operator visual indication of paper orientation, paper rotation between cuts, when to discard scraps, and how to process cut sheets. This first of its kind software simplifies the task of cutting, which allows operators with all levels of experience to cut with confidence!


The operator selects the current job from a drop-down list or scans the document barcode that has been placed on the PDF by VRCut Impose. The cut sequence instructions display on the right side of the screen with the current step highlighted. Visual cues found on the top left side of the screen assist the operator in error free cutting. A graphic representation of the job is shown in the center of the screen, displaying the current paper orientation in relation to the guillotine’s back gauge and LED cut line.Once the operator performs a cut the software automatically advances to the next step and moves the guillotine back gauge. The software then visually and/or audibly prompts the operator to discard the scrap paper, to rotate the job for the next cut, and/or to place portions on the workbench or palette.Operators have the option to retrace the cutting steps at any time. VRCut will keep the guillotine back gauge in sync with the operatorcutting instructions.

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